Kagurabachi Chapter 20: Hakuri Supports Chihiro Against the Most Powerful Fighter in the Kamunabi Clan.

Big news for Kagurabachi fans! Chapter 20 details have surfaced and are creating a buzz on social media platforms, including X. The last chapter left us on the edge of our seats with the introduction of Hakuri from the Sazanami Clan, a pivotal group responsible for the annual Rakuzaichi auction.

In the previous chapter, the dynamic duo of Shiba and Chihiro was cooking up a plan to snatch the elusive Shuinchi before it hit the auction block. Shiba, the strategist, wisely suggested reaching out to the Sazanami Clan in advance rather than attempting a daring heist on auction day.

Kagurabachi Chapter 20 Details Indicate Chihiro fighting Hiyuki, the strongest Kamunabi Clan Member.

Chapter 19 ended with a cliffhanger, showcasing Chihiro’s heroics in saving Hakuri, a hostage and a member of the Sazanami Clan. With the details now circulating, let’s take a sneak peek into what Chapter 20 has in store for eager fans.

Kagurabachi Chapter 20 Hakuri Supports Chihiro Against the Most Powerful Fighter in the Kamunabi Clan.

The upcoming chapter is expected to pick up right where Chapter 19 left off, delving deeper into the conversation between Chihiro Rokuhira and Hakuri. Chihiro, thinking Hakuri was still part of the Sazanami Clan, learns otherwise. Hakuri reveals that he’s no longer part of the clan due to his inability to use sorcery. The clan’s motto revolves around honoring the Rakuzaichi, and members are trained to ensure the smooth operation of the auction. Unfortunately, Hakuri’s lack of powers led to his expulsion from the family.

Hakuri expresses his disdain for the auction, considering it the worst thing he has witnessed. Interestingly, he voices a strong desire to shut down the auction once and for all. Chapter 20 details also hint at Hakuri possibly holding key information about the Shinuchi.

The plot thickens as Hakuri questions Chihiro’s motivation for stealing the Shinuchi. Chihiro’s response revolves around preventing the sword from falling into the wrong hands, as he believes innocent lives would be at risk if it ends up with the wrong person. Knowing the underground nature of the market, Chihiro anticipates that only the worst members of society would participate in the auction.

The details indicate Hakuri’s realization that stealing the Shinuchi could lead to a permanent shutdown of the Rakuzaichi auction. This intriguing twist sets the stage for a collaboration between Hakuri and Chihiro.

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The second half of Kagurabachi Chapter 20 promises more excitement as an elevator door opens, revealing Chihiro’s encounter with Hiyuki, the formidable fighter from the Kamunabi Clan. Shiba’s prior warning about Hiyuki being a Flame Bone wielder adds an element of anticipation for fans awaiting the official release.

Chapter 20 introduces another member of the Kamunabi Clan, Rikuo, whose appearance is speculated to resemble that of a Sumo Wrestler. The interaction between Hiyuki and Chihiro takes center stage, with Hiyuki expressing her belief that only members of the Kamunabi Clan should wield such powerful swords. According to her, their commitment to the country’s safety places them above others.

As Chihiro grapples with this perspective, Hakuri steps in, taking a hit intended for Chihiro. In a poignant moment, Hakuri confronts Chihiro, emphasizing that saving a life qualifies him to wield the enchanted sword. This revelation serves as a wake-up call for Chihiro, concluding Chapter 20 with him preparing to face Hiyuki.

The leaked information promises an intricate continuation of the story, weaving together elements of action, moral dilemmas, and character development. Fans are eagerly awaiting the official release to experience the full impact of these revelations in Kagurabachi Chapter 20. Get ready for an adrenaline-packed installment that is sure to keep you hooked!

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