Yuta uses His Domain Expansion Vs Sukuna in Chapter 249 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuta uses His DomainExpansion Vs Sukuna in Chapter 249 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Details about Yuta’s domain expansion are expected to be unveiled in the upcoming chapters. Recent developments in the story depict Okkotsu as the jujutsu society’s last hope against Ryomen Sukuna.

Chapter 249 have emerged, revealing Yuta using his personal Domain against the formidable villain. Although the official release is pending, leaked scans and summaries have circulated online, showcasing Yuta’s Domain Expansion named “True & Mutual Love” and generating excitement among fans.

The long-anticipated revelation of Yuta’s domain has been one of the series’ most anticipated moments. Based on leaks, it appears to fulfill expectations by providing him a significant advantage over The King of Curses within the created barrier.

Further details regarding the domain’s effects and capabilities are likely to be explored in the upcoming chapters.

Yuta uses His Domain Expansion Vs Sukuna in Chapter 249 of Jujutsu Kaisen

Raw scans of manga chapter 249 primarily focus on Yuta, starting with a flashback where he seemingly defeated Kenjaku by decapitation. Despite Kenjaku surviving in chapter 243, Yuta managed to subdue the Cursed Spirits released by the sorcerer and permanently finish him off in the current battle.

Yuta uses His Domain Expansion Vs Sukuna in Chapter 249 of Jujutsu Kaisen

In the ongoing confrontation, Yuta regrets not arriving sooner, as Sukuna gradually restores his Cursed Energy reserves, potentially enabling the use of his Domain again. Yuta, alongside Rika, engages Sukuna head-on and decides to activate his personal Domain Expansion, named ‘Genuine Mutual Love,’ in an effort to change the course of the battle.

As Sukuna counters with his Hollow Wicker Basket technique, Yuta retaliates using Thin Ice Breaker, an ability he copied from Takako Uro. Yuta aims to defeat The King of Curses within the confines of his domain, using the Sure Hit attack repeatedly. Sukuna recognizes Yuta from Megumi’s memories.

Yuta reveals his plan to continuously assault Sukuna with the domain’s Sure Hit attack, implying the use of Angel’s Cursed Technique. Sukuna defends with Hollow Wicker Basket, using half of his hands and mouth. Yuta explains his ability to replicate and use unlimited copies of other cursed techniques within his domain’s barrier.

Shifting the momentum, Yuji Itadori is revealed to be inside Yuta’s domain expansion, tasked with saving Megumi Fushigoro using his Sukuna-soul swapping technique. This strategy aims to extract Sukuna’s soul from Megumi’s body.

Sukuna acknowledges the plan, and the chapter concludes with him seemingly cornered within Yuta’s domain, sparking intense discussions among fans and making it one of the most talked-about manga chapters.

After several defeats, Yuta’s powerful domain offers a sense of hope among fans, living up to the hype by dealing significant damage to Sukuna and turning the tide of the battle in favor of the heroes.

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Fan Reactions to the Fight Yuta vs Sukuna

Yuta’s rapid dominance in the fight against Sukuna, inflicting more damage than others, including flashy fighters like Kashimo, has left some fans furious over being upstaged.

Speculation arises about Yuta potentially being stronger than Sukuna, with fans imagining him incorporating other powerful techniques like Inumaki’s Cursed Speech or Gojo’s Limitless in the next chapter.

Overall, fans are highly impressed by Yuta’s swift dominance, solidifying his status as one of jujutsu’s greatest sorcerers, and the hype surrounding the character is at an all-time high.

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