One Piece: The story of Dorry and Brogy on Egghead

One Piece: The story of Dorry and Brogy on Egghead

The Egghead Island arc in One Piece continued its impressive storyline with the unfolding Buster Call, orchestrated by the Marines under the command of Admiral Kizaru and Saint Saturn of the Five Elders. The primary target was Vegapunk, and despite the Straw Hat Pirates ensuring his partial safety, their victory seemed uncertain. Fans anticipated external intervention, and it arrived in the form of Drory and Brogy, characters introduced in the previous chapter.

In Chapter 1105, a mysterious group appeared on Egghead Island, revealing their destruction of Navy vessels tracking down Egghead’s scientists. These scientists, fleeing with crucial information, were targeted by Saturn for elimination.

Fortunately, the mysterious group intercepted, destroying the Navy fleet and preventing the scientists’ demise. The Navy attempted to inform Admiral Kizaru of the arrival of the Giant Warrior Pirates, creating speculation among fans that it might be the Blackbeard Pirates.

Egghead Island’s Mysterious Allies

Chapter 1106 brought a significant development with the unexpected arrival of Dorry and Brogy. These giants, previously encountered in the Alabasta Saga, were known for their enduring duel on Little Garden.

One Piece: The story of Dorry and Brogy on Egghead

The saga revealed their alliance with Shanks and their role in sinking Victoria Punk. Surprisingly, they appeared on Egghead Island, accompanied by the Giant Warrior Pirates, showcasing their immense strength. This alliance promised crucial assistance to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates for their escape.

Despite initial surprise at Dorry and Brogy’s presence on Egghead Island, a closer look at the story context explains their arrival. Situated on Elbaf in the previous encounter, the proximity of Elbaf to Egghead Island and the giants’ rapid vessel clarified their timely arrival.

Chapter 1106 addressed the question of their purpose, revealing that Dorry and Brogy came to aid Luffy. They possess knowledge of Luffy being the Sun God, Nika, and are deeply connected to his legends. This understanding motivated their involvement in the conflict against the Marines on Egghead Island.

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The Arrival of Dorry and Brogy on Egghead

One Piece chapter 1106 brought a significant twist to the story with the unexpected appearance of Dorry and Brogy. These two characters, previously encountered in the Alabasta Saga, engaged in a legendary duel on Little Garden that lasted over a century.

Despite the Straw Hat Pirates witnessing the duel, Dorry and Brogy continued their massive battle even after their departure. In the Final Saga, it was revealed that their duel concluded on the island of Elbaf during a battle against the Kid Pirates. Allies of Shanks, Dorry and Brogy, alongside the Red Hair Pirates, submerged Victoria Punk underwater.

Surprisingly, Chapter 1106 unveiled that the mystery group on Egghead Island was led by Dorry and Brogy, accompanied by the formidable Giant Warrior Pirates. This unexpected alliance holds immense power, promising crucial assistance to Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates for their escape from the island. The chapter delivered unexpected turns, adding depth and excitement to the ongoing narrative.

What Is The Role of Dorry And Brogy On Egghead?

Dorry and Brogy’s crucial task involves eliminating the Marines and creating a path for the Straw Hat Pirates’ escape. These formidable individuals not only possess immense strength but also share a connection with Joy Boy, adding a mysterious element to their involvement.
The Giant Warrior Pirates, led by Dorry and Brogy, are poised to become integral to the series. Beyond aiding the crew’s escape, they are set to play a significant role in the upcoming Elbaf arc. Fans eagerly anticipate this arc, recognizing its pivotal role in the unfolding plot.

The excitement stems from the anticipation of discovering the knowledge Dorry and Brogy hold about Nika and the valuable possessions they possess on Elbaf. These elements hold the potential to propel Luffy toward the Final Island and unveil the mysteries surrounding the One Piece. The unfolding events promise a captivating narrative with the Giant Warrior Pirates at its core.

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