Author of My Hero Academia Wants Readers To Read This New Manga Kagurabachi

On the recent Thursday, the official X account for Takeru Hokazono’s new manga series, Kagurabachi, shared an exciting update.Renowned manga creator Kohei Horikoshi, known as the author of My Hero Academia, has expressed admiration and provided words of recommendation that will be prominently featured on the obi strip for the initial collected volume of Kagurabachi, set to be available for purchase on February 2nd.

This endorsement from the accomplished manga artist has stirred significant excitement among enthusiasts of the emerging Kagurabachi series. Kohei Horikoshi’s Acclaim Fuels Enthusiasm for Takeru Hokazono’s Manga Debut

Kohei Horikoshi’s Give credit Ignites Excitement for Takeru Hokazono’s Manga Premiere

Excitement continues to build around the latest series by rising manga talent Takeru Hokazono, Kagurabachi, as its first volume hits the shelves this Friday, February 2nd.

Anticipation reached its peak when the official Kagurabachi X account offered followers an insider’s view, sharing images of an advance copy featuring an obi strip adorned with a special promotional quote.

This coveted obi text contains glowing praise and a commendation from none other than manga maestro Kohei Horikoshi, renowned for his immensely popular series, My Hero Academia. Translated from Japanese, Horikoshi expressed:

“The cinematic composition amazes me every week. Hokazono-sensei truly understands the essence of ‘cool.'”

Such a significant endorsement from an industry veteran has set the burgeoning Kagurabachi fandom abuzz.

Horikoshi’s robust recommendation suggests a promising future for Hokazono’s latest work as it gains momentum with the release of its first compiled volume.

Horikoshi’s praise emphasizes the exceptional fight choreography and cinematic style of Hokazono’s manga, elements that are likely to captivate readers.

Fans are optimistic that a recommendation from an industry leader like Horikoshi will help shield Kagurabachi from potential cancellation threats in the competitive Shonen Jump magazine.

Nevertheless, it’s common for new manga to receive glowing endorsements from established authors.

For instance, the supernatural series Mamayuyu by the rising star Yoshihiko Hayashi, debuting alongside Kagurabachi this week, boasts a similarly strong endorsement from Jujutsu Kaisen creator Gege Akutami.

However, Horikoshi’s words resonate more loudly among fans, given his track record of elevating new titles to historic popularity. When Jujutsu Kaisen launched, his high praise preceded its meteoric rise.

Now, with Horikoshi commending the cinematic energy of Hokazono’s fights, fans envision a bright future for this action-packed manga.

Even as memes become distant memories, the appreciation for Kagurabachi flourishes within the manga community. The strong pre-order response to the upcoming first volume release reflects the growing readership.

Given this increasing popularity, the praise from My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi comes at an opportune time to further affirm Kagurabachi’s promising trajectory.

Once dismissed as an online experiment, Takeru Hokazono’s manga continues to win over more fans and critical acclaim each week. Horikoshi’s high recommendation builds upon existing evidence that Kagurabachi possesses substantial staying power despite its unconventional start.

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The Reactions of Fans to Kohei Horikoshi’s Comment

My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi’s glowing recommendation has delighted Kagurabachi’s passionate “bachibros” fandom. Many believe his endorsement will drive even stronger sales for volume one.

Some also hope that Horikoshi’s approval attracts more Japanese readers, elevating the manga’s weekly ranking in Shonen Jump and ensuring its sustainability.

Across social media, fans express gratitude to Horikoshi for uplifting Kagurabachi during this crucial moment.

A fan draws a parallel to Horikoshi’s own early days when Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, praised him, contributing to his success. In that spirit, Horikoshi now passes the proverbial baton.

Comments also highlight top Jump authors Akutami and Horikoshi simultaneously promoting the new series Kagurabachi and Mamayuyu as potential “next generation” hits, aiming to nurture promising talent.

Already benefiting from significant early buzz, Takeru Hokazono’s manga receives another boost from Horikoshi’s well-timed recommendation just before the debut of volume one.

Learn More About Kagurabachi

Chihiro is the son of a renowned blacksmith who crafted six magical swords. However, evil sorcerers killed Chihiro’s father.

Before his demise, Chihiro’s father created one last powerful sword.

Now, Chihiro seeks revenge against the sorcerers who murdered his father, utilizing the special seventh sword created by his father to defeat the gang of sorcerers once and for all

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