Reality Quest Chapter 124: Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

Reality Quest Chapter 124: Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

Reality Quest Chapter 124 is coming soon, and fans are eager to know more about it. The popular Korean series follows Ha Do-wan, who has a special card in the game that lets him make any wish.

In the last chapter, Ha Do-wan used this card to defeat the game’s developer and complete the virtual quest.

The release of Volume 123, containing raw scans of Reality Quest, is expected around January 30, 2024. Fans will get a sneak peek before the official announcement.

The story revolves around Dowan Ha, an avid gamer facing harassment from bullies who want rare items from the game. In a tense moment, a bully forces Dowan to get an impossible item or face serious consequences.

Reality Quest Chapter 124: Release Date

Reality Quest Chapter 124 is set to release on February 9, 2024. In the previous chapter, Ha Do-wan faced a character with deep animosity towards him. This character blamed Ha Do-wan for personal misfortunes and a failed relationship. The story took a dramatic turn with a high-stakes battle where the winner gets a wish-granting card, and the loser faces certain death.

As the stakes rise, the character reveals traps and bombs strategically placed in the game. Despite the challenges, Ha Do-wan bravely accepts the duel to save himself and complete the game. This sets the stage for an intense confrontation, exposing the developer’s evil intentions. Fans can expect new developments and plot twists in this chapter.

Chapter 123 showed Ha Do-wan using his Reality Quest card to complete a unique wish, defeating the game’s developer and concluding the virtual quest. His goal goes beyond personal triumph as he tries to save every participant, including allies and adversaries who lost their lives in the game.

Ha Do-wan’s selfless act leads to a paradoxical situation, causing the game system to break down irreparably, destroying the virtual reality world. In Chapter 123, it becomes clear that Ha Do-wan is the only one with complete memories of the altered events.

As awareness of the real world grows, Ha Do-wan and other players experience a shift in the plot. Memories fade, exploring the consequences of Ha Do-wan’s choice and setting the stage for more revelations in future Reality Quest chapters.

Ha Do-wan used his Reality Quest card to overcome the game’s developer and end the game. His main objective was to ensure the safety of all players, even those who perished during the game.

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Since the game’s objective was for losers to perish, a paradox occurred. The gaming system malfunctioned, causing a massive explosion and the complete destruction of the virtual reality setting.

Volume 123 reveals Ha Do-wan and other participants gradually understanding the real world, showing the repercussions of his wish. He learns that his desire significantly changed the course of events, and the game did not unfold as planned.

Reality Quest Chapter 124 Storyline Overview

As his recollection of the game fades, Ha Do-wan alone possesses a comprehensive account of all that transpired. Reality Quest Chapter 124 promises to unveil more of the consequences of Ha Do-wan’s actions and continue the gripping story of this popular Webtoon series.

Fans worldwide can look forward to the release on February 9, 2024, at different hours in different time zones.

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