Sakamoto Days Chapter 159: Release Date & More Details

Sakamoto Days, penned by the talented Yuto Suzuki, emerges as a shining star in the realm of action manga. The narrative orbits around Taro Sakamoto, a retired assassin who’s now leading a quiet life as a humble convenience store owner. However, the tranquility of his new existence is persistently disrupted by shadows from his past, as he finds himself entangled in perilous confrontations time and again.

Central to the tale is Sakamoto’s partnership with Shin, his trusty store clerk endowed with remarkable telepathic abilities. Together, they form an unlikely duo, standing firm against adversaries and weaving through the labyrinth of danger that threatens to engulf them.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 158 Recap

In the 158th chapter, readers are treated to a gripping showdown as the focus shifts towards a fierce sumo wrestling match between Shin and the formidable adversary, Haruma. Despite Shin gaining ground towards the climax of the encounter, the outcome hangs in suspense, leaving fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the resolution in the forthcoming installment.

sakamoto days chapter 159 Shin and Haruma will be face to face

The chapter commences with Shin’s audacious move, surprising Haruma by challenging him to a sumo wrestling bout, despite exhibiting signs of exhaustion. Haruma, initially taken aback by Shin’s unexpected proposal, observes with intrigue as Shin’s power glove shows signs of running low on energy. Yet, fueled by Shin’s unyielding determination and his deep-rooted desire to aid someone he holds in high regard, Haruma consents to the duel, setting the stage for a clash of titans.

As the stakes soar, a novel rule is introduced, amplifying the tension of the skirmish: any participant stepping out of the ring faces an ominous fate. The battleground shifts to a pool setting, providing an unconventional arena for the impending showdown. With strategic prowess, Shin capitalizes on the environment, leveraging its elements to gain an upper hand against his adversary.

The intensity escalates as Haruma makes his entrance, only to be met with a distraction orchestrated by the sudden activation of the pool’s fountains. Undeterred, Shin employs a calculated maneuver, utilizing one of Seba’s bombs to freeze the water’s surface, effectively immobilizing Haruma. However, Haruma’s resilience proves formidable as he breaks with sheer force, launching a counterattack against Shin.

In a masterful display of strategy and skill, Shin executes a nekodamashi tactic borrowed from the realm of sumo wrestling, employing his power glove to amplify the force of his clap. The thunderous clap reverberates, rupturing Haruma’s eardrums and conferring Shin a strategic advantage in the heated confrontation.

Where To Read And What To Expect From Sakamoto Days Chapter 159?

The anticipation for the next chapter reaches a crescendo as readers eagerly await the resolution of this gripping duel. Scheduled for release on March 17, 2024, Sakamoto Days Chapter 159 promises to deliver another pulse-pounding installment, packed with twists, turns, and edge-of-your-seat action.

Fans worldwide can catch the latest chapter on Viz and MANGA Plus, where it will be available with English translations. Additionally, for those seeking the raw version, Shuukan Shounen Jump will offer Sakamoto Days Chapter 159, ensuring that enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the captivating narrative in their preferred format.

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