Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote Anime Release Date And More

seiyū radio no ura omote anime release date and more

March 4, 2024, marked a momentous occasion as the official website and Twitter accounts of Kо̄ Nogatsu and Sabamizore’s Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote thrilled fans with exciting updates on the anime adaptation of the light novel. The anticipation soared when it was revealed that the premiere is scheduled for April 10, 2024.

Anime lovers are eager to dive into the details and uncover the mysteries surrounding this upcoming anime. As the release date draws near, the community is buzzing with curiosity, eagerly awaiting a glimpse into the world that awaits them in Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote.

Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote Anime Release Date

The highly anticipated Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote anime is a prominent addition to the Spring 2024 lineup, promising entertainment for viewers. Scheduled for release on April 10, the anime will captivate audiences on Tokyo MX and AT-X, while BS NTV audiences can enjoy it starting April 13.

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Adding to the excitement, the talented singer Miku Itō will grace the opening theme with her vocals in a track titled “Now On Air.” Known for her musical prowess and previous standout performances, Miku Itō’s involvement elevates the anime’s auditory experience, creating an anticipatory buzz among fans. With a blend of compelling storytelling and a captivating musical score, Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote is poised to leave a lasting impression on anime enthusiasts.

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Meet The Two Sides of Voice Actor Radio Cast

The anime features some familiar voices. Miku Itō, renowned for her role as Miku Nakano in Quintessential Quintuplets, will be voicing Yasumi Utatane/Yumiko Satō. Another talented voice actor, Moe Toyota, will lend her voice to Yūhi Yūgure/Chika Watanabe. These two even teamed up for a promotional video back in 2020. Joining them are Ikumi Hasegawa and Nao Tōyama, voicing Otome Sakuranamiki and Yubisaki Mekuru, respectively.

Behind the Scenes

The anime is in good hands with Hideki Tachibana, known for his work on DanMachi, directing it at CONNECT. Shoko Takimoto is the creative mind behind the character design, and Chaos Dragon is the chief animation director.

Other talented individuals contributing to the project include:

  • Art Director: Michiko Morokuma
  • Background Art Studio: Studio TENJIN
  • Color Design: Erika Tsukino
  • 3D Director: Takesi Saitō
  • 3DCG Studio: Wired
  • Director of Photography: Takashi Yanagida

About Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote

NovelCool is releasing the novel, offering a glimpse into the series: “Yuuhi Yuugure and Yasumi Utatane are two high school girls who both happen to be voice actresses. It’s a cool coincidence that they ended up in the same school and even got put in the same class.

What’s even more awesome is that they host a weekly radio show together. As classmates and voice actresses, they let everyone hear how great friends they are through their radio program!”

The synopsis adds, “Even though they seem okay on the outside, in truth, the quiet girl Chika and the lively Yumiko are totally different and really don’t like each other. When they’re not on the radio, there’s a lot of chaos and they exchange insults. But when they’re on air, they act like friends. It makes you wonder, where will this complicated relationship take them?”

Keep an eye out for more updates on the Seiyū Radio no Ura Omote anime. It’s sure to be an exciting journey with this unique duo!

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