Spy X Family Chapter 98: Release Date, Where To Read And More

Spy X Family Chapter 98: Release Date, Where To Read And More

Get ready for Spy X Family Chapter 98! It might reveal more about Mr. Elegant’s story of love, duty, and chasing dreams. Don’t miss out on this upcoming chapter. Stay tuned for all the details!

In the last chapter, we learned about Mr. Elegant and Becky’s caretaker’s past, which was both sweet and sad. Now, fans are excited for Chapter 98, hoping it will delve deeper into Henry and Martha’s background. Keep reading to find out everything about the release date, where to read, and what to expect in the next chapter.

Spy X Family Chapter 98: Release date

Spy X Family Chapter 98 is set to be released on Monday, May 13, 2024, at 12:00 am JST. For readers around the world, it will be accessible on Sunday, May 12, around 8 am PT / 11:00 am ET / 3:00 pm GMT. However, please note that the exact release time may vary depending on your location. Keep an eye out for the new chapter so you can dive into the latest adventures of Spy X Family as soon as it’s available!

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Where To Read Spy X Family Chapter 98?

To dive into the latest chapter, fans can visit Shueisha’s official platforms such as MANGAPlus and the Shonen Jump+ app. Additionally, Viz Media’s official website will host the new chapter for readers to enjoy.

Spy X Family Chapter 98: Release Date

Stay tuned for any updates to ensure you catch all the exciting developments in Spy X Family! Whether it’s unraveling mysteries or exploring character relationships, there’s always something thrilling waiting in each chapter. So mark your calendars and get ready for another captivating installment in the Spy X Family saga!

What To Expect From Spy X Family Chapter 98?

In Spy X Family Chapter 98, fans can anticipate a deeper dive into Henry and Martha’s backstory, especially focusing on Henry’s inner struggles. The chapter may shed light on Henry’s internal conflict as he grapples with his ambitions and his feelings for Martha, if he’s even aware of them. We might see Henry’s determination to prioritize his goals over personal relationships, even if it means parting ways with Martha.

While there haven’t been any announcements about extra chapters, known as ‘Short Missions,’ it’s likely that Chapter 98 will continue to explore Henry and Martha’s past as student and teacher. We could witness Henry’s emotional turmoil as he navigates his growing fondness for Martha while striving to fulfill his duties as a dignified and honorable educator, aiming to leave a positive mark on his nation.

Recap For Spy X Family Chapter 97

In Spy X Family Chapter 97, we start after the big party at Eden Academy. The students are gone for their break, leaving only the staff behind. Henry Henderson, a teacher, talks to Cecile Hall’s Dorm Mother. She mentions Henry dancing with Martha Marriott at the party, teasing him about it. But Henry brushes it off, saying Martha is just an old friend, nothing more.

Then, the story takes us back to Henry’s school days at Cecile Hall. At a talent show, Henry sees Martha perform an amazing ballet. He’s so impressed that he cheers loudly and calls her elegant, earning him the nickname Mr. Elegant. Even though he loses some friends because of it, Henry is mesmerized by Martha’s talent and grace.

In Spy X Family Chapter 97, Henry and Martha’s friendship deepens when Martha finds Henry having tea alone in the school garden. Though Henry is hesitant at first, he eventually welcomes Martha’s company. She becomes a regular visitor, bringing warmth to Henry’s otherwise lonely world.

During Henry’s last year at school, he faces bullying from Falco and his friends. Martha steps in to defend him, leading to a fight. This leaves Henry conflicted about his beliefs in elegance and being a gentleman. 

Despite Martha’s intervention, the school doesn’t punish the bullies because of their influential families. This pushes Henry to pursue education to prevent conflicts and promote peace.

As Henry prepares to graduate and become a teacher, Martha hints at her feelings for him during their tea sessions. But Henry is too focused on his goals to notice her romantic interest.

In the present, Martha confides in Becky about her love for Henry, regretting not confessing before he left. Flashing back two and a half years later, Martha is now an Imperial Scholar. She unexpectedly reunites with Henry, who has returned as a History teacher. However, their reunion is overshadowed by the looming threat of war.

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