One Punch Man Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Production, Plot and Where to Watch

Fans are super excited about One Punch Man Season 3! Even though we don’t know the exact release date yet, some hints suggest it might come out around mid-2024. People are really looking forward to seeing more of Saitama’s awesome adventures. The new season is expected to have lots of cool action, funny moments, and maybe some surprises too. 

We’ll get to watch Saitama show off his super strength against new bad guys and see more sides of his personality. It’s going to be a mix of exciting battles and funny stuff, just like before. Everyone’s guessing and talking about it, and the hype for One Punch Man Season 3 is getting bigger and bigger!

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

As of now, the official release date for Season 3 of One Punch Man hasn’t been revealed, but there’s a buzz of speculation suggesting it might hit screens around mid-2024. Clues from voice actors and patterns observed from previous releases contribute to the anticipation, fueling the belief that fans might get to enjoy the new season sometime this year. 

Check out the complete details regarding one punch man season 3: release date, cast, production, plot and where to watch.

While the exact date remains a mystery, enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on any hints or announcements, eager for the return of Saitama’s adventures. The mid-2024 timeframe adds to the excitement, offering a tentative window for fans to mark on their calendars as they await the highly anticipated next installment of One Punch Man.

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One Punch Man Season 3

Though the cast for Season 3 of One Punch Man has not been officially confirmed, fans are optimistic that the core actors will return to reprise their roles. This anticipated lineup includes Max Mittelman, who has been the voice of the protagonist Saitama, along with Zach Aguilar, known for portraying the character Genos. 

Greg Chun, who lent his voice to Garou, and Yuichi Nakamura, recognized for his role as Mumen Rider, are also expected to make a return. While the official announcement is awaited, the prospect of having these talented voice actors back on board heightens fans’ enthusiasm, as they eagerly await the familiar voices that have brought these beloved characters to life in the previous seasons.


Anticipated to pick up right where Season 2 left off, Season 3 of One Punch Man is expected to delve into the gripping storyline of the Monster Association arc from the manga. This narrative promises a high-stakes plotline, revolving around a massive invasion orchestrated by the Monster Association against the Hero Association. As chaos ensues, viewers can look forward to witnessing intense battles, showcasing the incredible abilities of heroes and monsters alike. 

A central focus of the arc is the ascension of Garou as a formidable antagonist, marking a significant shift in the dynamics of the series. The impending clash between heroes and monsters, coupled with the development of Garou as a major villain, sets the stage for an action-packed and emotionally charged continuation of Saitama’s adventures in One Punch Man Season 3.

Where To Watch 

As of the last available information, viewers can catch One Punch Man Seasons 1 and 2 on Crunchyroll, accessible globally. Additionally, Netflix provides access to the series in specific regions. It’s advisable to check the current streaming platforms and regional availability, as licensing agreements and platforms may change over time.

Check out the complete details regarding one punch man season 3: release date, cast, production, plot and where to watch.

Fans eager to watch Saitama’s heroic escapades can explore these platforms to enjoy the action, humor, and excitement that One Punch Man has to offer.

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